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3 August
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RL: I have a Ph.D. in the history of England during the Tudor and Stuart periods, and I am an associate professor at a state university in one of those states in the middle. ;) I'm a card-carrying Singleton (by accident, not design) living in cornfields -- my boy-passions (see below) come in mighty handy.

LJ: I'm a woman who is passionate about a bunch of men (in a mostly wholesome way, unless, wait, does lusting after them in my heart count?). I am a born proselytizer, so I want everyone to love what I love. I used to do a lot of squeeing about it. After a stint in Squee Rehab (read: trying to secure tenure), I'm less long-winded than I used to be. But there is fic again, so that's something, I suppose.

And now a brief intro: Things Jen Loves 101 (so you know what you're getting yourself into):

I love BtVS and all things Buffyverse. I knew about the show a long time before I started watching it, then became a casual F/X repeats viewer, admiring of Buffy but not quite fan!insane...right up until the first time I saw "Fool For Love." From Spike's headtilt at the end of that episode, I was absolutely hooked. I find him fascinating (and James Marsters is a genius -- yes, I know, I over-use the term, but seriously, it fits). I love Spike in all of his manifestations, but I most love the Spike who tries to be more than he is. Fanfic is in Memories and AO3.

Not much has filled the void left by BtVS, but I do love Sam and Dean Winchester quite a little bit, and I adore the Emmy-neglected Friday Night Lights and have done so since episode one. It was the Matt-and-his-grandma stuff that hooked me (and Tim Riggins did not hurt either).

I still love The Boys (known in most circles by their given name, *NSYNC. Listen, people, when I was dissertating, I *needed* the cuteness and synchronized dance moves!). While the close-minded may scoff, the boys really were vocally brilliant, and that's the root of my fan love. The sound of those voices together is profound and beautiful, and it's all. about. the. music. Okay, yes, and the cuteness. Now I sort of have to love Justin alone and love JC on ABDC. It's not enough, boys. It's just not enough.

I still love Jonathan Jackson's Lucky. To paraphrase Liz, Lucky's kind, smart, generous, respectful, gentle, and honest: he really is an absolutely pure soul, and I'm still mad about him. I defy anyone to watch the incomparable "I will take care of you" scene and not fall in love with him. Seriously. I'll send you the footage, and you can see for yourself.

And I would be remiss if I left out my 21-year fascination with the Detroit Red Wings and their former captain. It all started innocently one January night in 1988, when I was banished from the living room while my parents watched "Platoon"; I instead saw Steve Yzerman get a hat trick against the Montreal Canadiens on Hockey Night in Canada and fell in love during the post-game interview. It was a long road from there to the Cup with my boys in red and white, but I saw Steve hoist Lord Stanley three times and score an induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and that pretty much fulfilled my hockey dreams.

*Friending policy: the journal is partially f-locked for privacy reasons, but there's no need to ask if you want to friend. Pick me, pick me! I like friends. So, in other words, friend away. I probably won't reciprocate, though, unless you A) drop me a line to let me know that you're aboard and would like to be friended back or B) begin making comments to my inane ramblings. ;)*

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