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The barest smidgen of Spuffy
Rising out of a pile of undergraduate essays on the Reformation, senior essays on the Stuart constitutional crises of the seventeenth century, graduate essays on Elizabeth I, and an M.A. thesis on early modern English county justice to string together some words for my seasonal_spuffy day. Oy. Two weeks, and I'll be, you know, human again, with real live thoughts and feelings, dreams and aspirations, etc. Oh, and there will be sleep - much glorious, blessed sleep!

In the meantime, dear LJ friends, there's my hope that all are well and this:

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Words

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*sends more hugs your way*

Yes, we should be getting some really good L&L scenes soon. We had some EPIC JJ/Tony scenes this week as well.

I have a friend with a DVR who's saved some of the Lucky scenes after Jake's death and this week's intervention for me, so I hope I can watch that stuff soon. I need my OTP, dagnabit.

I'm glad your friend is saving things for when you have time to watch. There were some nice L&L scenes on Monday that I don't know if she saved. They're here, http://jj-is-lucky-gh.livejournal.com/97027.html, when you have time. The best scene was at 8:50.

Oh, man. Just watched the L&L stuff, which meant sitting here with tears in my eyes for five minutes (see above re: needing my damn OTP. WAH!), then watched the "Lucky's Letter" part of the intervention. Oh. My. God. That's when the bawling really started. Clearly, I am not currently in a place to deal with this right now! LOL (that's laughter-through-tears there!) Oy. The flashback?! The night of the fire is what they pick for the flashback?! *O, mightiest of sighs*

Whew, I feel wrung out! Our boy is an absolute genius, isn't he? It kills me that I can't be watching on a daily basis, but I seriously emotionally cannot handle it right now. I need some hopefulness on the L&L front, and honest to goodness, I am back in a freaking heartbeat.

Thanks for sharing, dear.

*hugs and passes tissues* Sorry the scenes made you cry. I didn't mean for you to watch before you were ready. But I had to let you know those scenes were there. I mean the Jake storyline and the intervention were enough but THE MEMORIES they brought back this week. *weeps*

Jonathan really is a genius. I hope we do get some L&L hopefulness so you can come back and enjoy.

Well, it was a wonderful, bittersweet kind of pain, you know? You didn't push at all, of course - I'd been meaning to get to this for a while; this was just a bit of motivation. And it made it realize all over again how amazing JJ can be/is.

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