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Give My Regards
Spike: Big Bad/Boy
I'm gonna post like it's 2010 and drabblicious up in here: ;)

Pay to Play

It started out wanting to be all perky and life-affirming (or, since we're talking about Spike, perhaps it's more appropriate to say "unlife-affirming"?), but being as that it is set in the Summer o' Grief and that it's me we're talking about, the drabble, of course, went another way. [Hmmm, why is there no "wistful" on my mood theme? There should so be a wistful...]

News bulletin: My tenure portfolio (countless reams of paper--unfortunately, no, I'm not kidding about that--plus a little piece of my soul) has now been submitted. I await the pleasure of the department, the College, the Provost, the President, and Board of Trustees as to whether I go on. That's not stressful at all.


And what might that be on the horizon? It wouldn't be Real Life beckoning, would it?

So, you know, "Hi," and all that. *waves*

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***waves and hugs***

yay! It's so great to see you around. Congrats on getting your portfolio finished. I'm sure it's awesome and they will have no choice but move you on up :) And hanging out online is a great way to avoid thinking about it and being stressed ;)

LOL Yes, I suppose that's true! I just got a contract for home internet access (yes, I know, I know - I've finally attained 1999-like status!), so staying in touch ought to be much easier now. When I had no home internet, the last thing I wanted to do at the end of my ridiculous 14-hour days was sit in the office and continue to stare at the computer. Hopefully, I've addressed *that* little problem. :)

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