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Give My Regards
Spike: Big Bad/Boy
I'm gonna post like it's 2010 and drabblicious up in here: ;)

Pay to Play

It started out wanting to be all perky and life-affirming (or, since we're talking about Spike, perhaps it's more appropriate to say "unlife-affirming"?), but being as that it is set in the Summer o' Grief and that it's me we're talking about, the drabble, of course, went another way. [Hmmm, why is there no "wistful" on my mood theme? There should so be a wistful...]

News bulletin: My tenure portfolio (countless reams of paper--unfortunately, no, I'm not kidding about that--plus a little piece of my soul) has now been submitted. I await the pleasure of the department, the College, the Provost, the President, and Board of Trustees as to whether I go on. That's not stressful at all.


And what might that be on the horizon? It wouldn't be Real Life beckoning, would it?

So, you know, "Hi," and all that. *waves*

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***waves and hugs***

yay! It's so great to see you around. Congrats on getting your portfolio finished. I'm sure it's awesome and they will have no choice but move you on up :) And hanging out online is a great way to avoid thinking about it and being stressed ;)

LOL Yes, I suppose that's true! I just got a contract for home internet access (yes, I know, I know - I've finally attained 1999-like status!), so staying in touch ought to be much easier now. When I had no home internet, the last thing I wanted to do at the end of my ridiculous 14-hour days was sit in the office and continue to stare at the computer. Hopefully, I've addressed *that* little problem. :)

YAY, end of tenure application! I know you must be on tenterhooks (whatever those are - must look that up) to hear the results, but how lovely to have it done and not have to work on it anymore. GO YOU.

Yes, exactly. I'm so glad not to have it *looming* anymore, you know? I like being the post-loom era. Nothing I can do at this point.

*nervous chuckle*

No, it should all be fine.

*crosses fingers*


Good luck on your tenure!

Gracias! I will take all of the positive mojo I can get! :)

Hi back!! Good luck with your portfolio!

Thanks, dear! Good vibes are most appreciated, as I don't get official word about the decision until June. *groan* Ah, the joys of academic bureaucracy (and LOL, I accidentally just typed "bureaucrazy," which I think is more accurate!).

Hope all is well with you!

Best of good luck to you. And I loved the drabble!

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