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Huh. I didn't know they used that word in 1616!
Eliz: TGA

From yesterday's defamation suit transcriptions: the witness "found the said Richard Davies and Anne Lloyd in Davies house verie suspiciouslie together and heard the said Davies saie to the said Anne, let me see thy cunt and thou shall see my pillocke." Who knew? I suppose I could OED every risque word I can think of to discover it's origin once and for, but where's the spirit in that? I much prefer to learn via research, as I did a few years ago, that "fuckt" was used as early as 1615. These are important discoveries, you know?

[Perhaps most amusing of all: to find this juicy tidbit this morning, I opened my transcriptions document and did a "Find" for the word "cunt." I never figured I'd be doing that in this project!]

And yet for all of that awesomeness? Still really, really want to be reading rahirah's seasonal_spuffy offering from yesterday and angearia's piece posted bright and early this morning. Go, now, friends! It's back to the film for me, so I have to put off fic reading for a bit, but at least I have something to look forward to when I'm done reading about early moderns who ought to have their mouths washed out with soap! ;)

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Or, I'm assuming that was what he wanted to show her. Not his pet twerp.

And with this pair of phrases, my humor quota for the day is now met. ;)

Yes, it's a penis-ism. The first deponent actually avoided the c & p talk and very modestly described the parties' "privities." It was the three subsequent witnesses who used more specific language, and as the whole thing revolves around fornication, it's clear this was a case of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"...in the downstairs parlor of a lodging house. Hmmm.

And from the OED s.v. pillock:

1. orig. Sc. The penis. Now Eng. regional (north.) and rare.

1568 D. LINDSAY Satyre (Bannatyne) 1491 in Wks. (1931) II. 388 Me think my pillok will not ly doun.

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