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You know me. I'm a follower. ;)
BtVS - Xander: work brain
Yes, yes, I've caved and requested my schmoop_bingo card:

baking cookies
massage – foot rub
cuddling during power outage
long-lost love
birthday – celebrant is sick
greeting card
butterfly kisses
family celebration
birthday – surprise party
looking at the stars
first holiday together
day at the beach
making out
watching the game
coming home from long trip
secret admirer

I was just pondering the other day that I have had a much easier time of late writing Buffyless Spuffy (witness my latest two seasonal_spuffy offerings and numerous drabbles), which doubtless gives some insight into my current thoughts about the pairing (read: despair, wistfulness, grief, unrequited...ness). Anyone else out there in the same boat?

Still, this is where schmoop shall come to the rescue. Presumably, I will need a very present Buffy to deal with "making out." Or do I? Have I just managed to throw down the gauntlet of challenge for myself?

Nah. ;)

If any of these prompts prompt you to make a suggestion/request for a fic (and what the heck is a "butterfly kiss" when it's at home?!), please feel free to do so. I have the feeling I'm going to need some help from my friends.

Which brings me to one related P.S. - BtVS people out there: how awesome is our fandom? After being AWOL and not stringing together two words of the fic variety for months and months, I posted my seasonal_spuffy offering last week with a bit of trepidation, only to have it received with great kindness and missives of the "welcome back" sort. I really like you guys, you know?

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I saw both comments inspite of LJ's moodiness. As for what our dear Lucky has been up to.... He's been in son mode because of things going on with Luke. And you know how lovely scenes between Luke and Lucky are. He's had some more scenes with Maxie as well with this lead up to Franco's return.

And I haven't heard anything about BB leaving the show and I follow him (and JJ) on twitter. Sonny has a plan to take Johnny out which is what the mags are probably blowing out of proportion.

Re: BB - yes, I'm sure you're right. *fingers crossed* Those tricksy (annoying!) soap mags.

Thanks for the Lucky update. I'll definitely have to dig up those Luke and Lucky scenes when I get home. Those two are magical together. :)

And I see JJ in - holy crap - less than a month! Woo hoo!

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