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Jen's 2010 Birthday Drabble Project: Happy Birthday to You?!
BtVS friends
Now that my LJ upgrade kindly reminds me of friends' approaching birthday with all manner of helpful messages, I make the following offer: comment in response to this message with a drabble prompt/pairing or character request/style preference (friendship, fluff, angst, romance, etc.), and you-yes, YOU!-will get a birthday drabble from me this year (put your birthdate in there as well, so I can start planning!). I managed something for jamalov29's birthday but missed ladyofthelog's big day while shamelessly gadding about St. Louis last weekend, so if you want to make a request, lady, please do so! :) I may not be able to limit myself to a single 100-word installment (I point as evidence to my Wordy McWord Thanksgiving drabble-thon!) - the more detailed the prompt, the more I tend to wax drabble-y...

Sandboxes in which I can play: if you're reading this, you know I'll write BtVS and AtS. I can also try my hand at Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, and GH, if anyone so desires. I'm afraid musicdom is out, kellicb and babygotbass - there will be no boy!poppy JuC goodness for you! My humblest apologies. ;)

I'm still working on the long-delayed fic recs post (I was derailed last night by reading girlpire's "Friday" at long last, which took, like, the whole night!), but I thought this drabble project would allow me give a little something back to my lovely f-list and readers, since you all have been pretty endlessly supportive of me and my wee scribblings.

*hugs f-list and readers*

FYI:I'll leave this post in my regular rotation for several days, and then I'll forward date it to put it at the top of my LJ if you can't think of anything now but come up with a request in the future. :)

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That's ok....you know the last time I read any Nsync Fan Fics? And I never read JuC anyway. LOL
Oh and hey....now that you have your own laptop, you can download FNL from our mutual friend!

I was thinking about that today! :) I'm not sure I have the connection *juice* to DL, but I'm planning on calling Comcast next week to get my hook up.

[And hee hee! Lookit! My icon is AWESOME!]

Oh, you'll love this - my desktop at work got a virus today. I lost 2 hours fending it off and then doing nothing when the damn thing went flooey. *sigh* It is clean now, and the IT boys didn't have to wipe the hard drive, but it's not been my favorite day!

Oh the hand me down got a virus? Priceless. Glad you didn't loose anything, though.
Love the icon. LOL
And I forgot that you don't have the high speed, yet. Her post will still be there when you get it. :)

I know - the icon is awesome, eh?

This is my other favorite FNL icon. *points*

Yes, luckily, the computer recovered with relatively little drama, although it did throw a pretty serious wrench into my day! :P

Oh, and as I said at jj_is_lucky_gh, I now 'ship Jason and Lucky. Just so you know! ;)

Yeah Jason and Lucky were a little....huh? yesterday.

Ohhhh I have an R&B mix on my ipod right now and that song we were talking about the other day just came on (meet me in the mall, it's going down), I'm doing the hand moves at my desk right now and thinking about Detroit! LOL

Jucky? Luson? Jacky? ;)

LOL about the song. Never in my life have I felt so old and out of it as that moment in Joe Louis when everyone was doing that move, and I was like WTF? *snort*

Off to class!

Have fun. I'm hoping to get out of work at a decent time today. I have to meet with people about Black History Month menus for next month. My job is so odd. LOL

I like Jucky. LOL I thought they were going to massively hug yesterday.

I thought they were going to massively hug yesterday.

I think they should have hugged massively. Someone needs to hug the poor man!

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