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Jen's 2010 Birthday Drabble Project: Happy Birthday to You?!
BtVS friends
Now that my LJ upgrade kindly reminds me of friends' approaching birthday with all manner of helpful messages, I make the following offer: comment in response to this message with a drabble prompt/pairing or character request/style preference (friendship, fluff, angst, romance, etc.), and you-yes, YOU!-will get a birthday drabble from me this year (put your birthdate in there as well, so I can start planning!). I managed something for jamalov29's birthday but missed ladyofthelog's big day while shamelessly gadding about St. Louis last weekend, so if you want to make a request, lady, please do so! :) I may not be able to limit myself to a single 100-word installment (I point as evidence to my Wordy McWord Thanksgiving drabble-thon!) - the more detailed the prompt, the more I tend to wax drabble-y...

Sandboxes in which I can play: if you're reading this, you know I'll write BtVS and AtS. I can also try my hand at Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, and GH, if anyone so desires. I'm afraid musicdom is out, kellicb and babygotbass - there will be no boy!poppy JuC goodness for you! My humblest apologies. ;)

I'm still working on the long-delayed fic recs post (I was derailed last night by reading girlpire's "Friday" at long last, which took, like, the whole night!), but I thought this drabble project would allow me give a little something back to my lovely f-list and readers, since you all have been pretty endlessly supportive of me and my wee scribblings.

*hugs f-list and readers*

FYI:I'll leave this post in my regular rotation for several days, and then I'll forward date it to put it at the top of my LJ if you can't think of anything now but come up with a request in the future. :)

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Oh, that would be so fabulous! Thank you! It just so happens that I'm putting out the same prompt everywhere at the moment (as I said to spiralleds, I'd run a ficathon, but I don't think I could get anyone to take part - hence sneakiness): Buffy-Illyria friendship. With optional dragon(s). :D

LOL I didn't see your note re: fic requests, but I've been running around like a crazy person getting ready for school. I'll have to check it out!

Buffy and Illyria - holy awesome! I think I'm going to like that quite a bit. Now, when the heck is your birthday (which I didn't ask when you looked at the post and so have since amended it)? How long do I have to plan??? ;)

LOL I didn't see your note re: fic requests

Oh, I'm not sure I've mentioned it anywhere sensible, like in an actual entry, so I'm sure you haven't missed anything! (*smacks head* Now that would be sensible, wouldn't it? Hmm...)

You've got till the 29th March for me! So bags of time. :) *anticipates the Buffy-Illyria JOY*

Oh, I'm not sure I've mentioned it anywhere sensible, like in an actual entry, so I'm sure you haven't missed anything!

Well, then, I feel less guilty. ;)

*dutifully notes date and topic in day planner*

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