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Jen's 2010 Birthday Drabble Project: Happy Birthday to You?!
BtVS friends
Now that my LJ upgrade kindly reminds me of friends' approaching birthday with all manner of helpful messages, I make the following offer: comment in response to this message with a drabble prompt/pairing or character request/style preference (friendship, fluff, angst, romance, etc.), and you-yes, YOU!-will get a birthday drabble from me this year (put your birthdate in there as well, so I can start planning!). I managed something for jamalov29's birthday but missed ladyofthelog's big day while shamelessly gadding about St. Louis last weekend, so if you want to make a request, lady, please do so! :) I may not be able to limit myself to a single 100-word installment (I point as evidence to my Wordy McWord Thanksgiving drabble-thon!) - the more detailed the prompt, the more I tend to wax drabble-y...

Sandboxes in which I can play: if you're reading this, you know I'll write BtVS and AtS. I can also try my hand at Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, and GH, if anyone so desires. I'm afraid musicdom is out, kellicb and babygotbass - there will be no boy!poppy JuC goodness for you! My humblest apologies. ;)

I'm still working on the long-delayed fic recs post (I was derailed last night by reading girlpire's "Friday" at long last, which took, like, the whole night!), but I thought this drabble project would allow me give a little something back to my lovely f-list and readers, since you all have been pretty endlessly supportive of me and my wee scribblings.

*hugs f-list and readers*

FYI:I'll leave this post in my regular rotation for several days, and then I'll forward date it to put it at the top of my LJ if you can't think of anything now but come up with a request in the future. :)

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Oh, that would be so fabulous! Thank you! It just so happens that I'm putting out the same prompt everywhere at the moment (as I said to spiralleds, I'd run a ficathon, but I don't think I could get anyone to take part - hence sneakiness): Buffy-Illyria friendship. With optional dragon(s). :D

LOL I didn't see your note re: fic requests, but I've been running around like a crazy person getting ready for school. I'll have to check it out!

Buffy and Illyria - holy awesome! I think I'm going to like that quite a bit. Now, when the heck is your birthday (which I didn't ask when you looked at the post and so have since amended it)? How long do I have to plan??? ;)

Ooh, how lovely!

My birthday is November 9th, and it's a good thing that's so long away because now I've got Indecision.

Will think of a good request, then add another comment. Thinkthink. Think.

Oh, goody! I get long months to put something together. *evil chortle*

But, yes, do help me when you thinkthink of something. ;)

Oooh! Can I have Wesley, please? Wes/Faith if you can manage it, and something happy-ish.

April 8, by the way.

You are officially registered in my Book O' Drabbles (also known as my calendar. *snort*). It will be so!

Oooh! I will claim a drabble! Spuffy is good, or Andrew. I love Andrew. No fluff. I hate fluff. Humor is good!

But no worries, gadding about my former home is a perfectly appropriately birthday idea - I just moved in May and miss it inordinately.

Edited at 2010-01-21 07:12 pm (UTC)

I'm on it...in the sense that the idea is now in my brain. LOL The first week is kicking mine arse thus far, so any idea may need the weekend to come to life!

I adore St. Louis. I've never lived there, but I have a dear friend who does, and since I've been visiting her regularly for about 10 years while I've been moving all over the country finishing school, looking for the tenure-track job, and then finding it, we joke that St. Louis is my adopted hometown. As my many receipts will verify, I singlehandedly attempted to pull STL out of the recession with this weekend's purchases. ;)

Ooooh! *squishes you* I'd love either Spike/Buffy or Giles/Ethan. 10th of February.

Ooo, the clock is ticking! ;) *makes a note*

Hmm, I only have one Giles icon to use in response; I'm pretty sure Giles does approve your birthday, though.


A birthday drabble offer! Just last night I counted the days for my birthday to help put me to sleep. Which is May 9th by the way.

Well the pairing I would like is Spuffy, and how about a what if prompt? What if Buffy was the one to receive the Amulet instead of Angel. Bonus points if you make it fit into Season 8 comics, but totally fine if you don't.

Wow! May 9th just so happens to be the birthday of my all-time favorite hockey player, Steve Yzerman. What an auspicious day!

I think I can manage some Spuffy goodness of the "what if?" variety for you. :)

[If I'm remembering my icons correctly, this one should be a mate of yours. *g*]

I'm sure everyone will appreciate this lovely requests offering! I was so deliciously thrilled with my own drabble:)

I saw your name and thought, "Is that a request for 2011?" Hee!

So glad you liked your giftie. :)

Ooh! Ooh! My birthday is Sep 25 - so a looong way away - and I'd love something with Spike and Darla. Maybe a FitB at some point in the series? Or pre-series is fine, too.

Ooo, love the idea of a Spike and Darla piece. But color me stupid: what does FitB stand for?

*iz brainded from the work*


awww. This is really sweet of you.

You know I'm going to be the oddball, lol. Romantic Lucky/Elizabeth or something fun with Dean and Sam. And you have until June 12th :)

I am SOOO going to do L&L for you. I almost wrote something about the NYE guitar-action. Writing L&L be like therapy, considering the storyline these days.

As you wish!

That's ok....you know the last time I read any Nsync Fan Fics? And I never read JuC anyway. LOL
Oh and hey....now that you have your own laptop, you can download FNL from our mutual friend!

I was thinking about that today! :) I'm not sure I have the connection *juice* to DL, but I'm planning on calling Comcast next week to get my hook up.

[And hee hee! Lookit! My icon is AWESOME!]

Oh, you'll love this - my desktop at work got a virus today. I lost 2 hours fending it off and then doing nothing when the damn thing went flooey. *sigh* It is clean now, and the IT boys didn't have to wipe the hard drive, but it's not been my favorite day!

Oh, yay!

My birthday is June 2 and I'd love Spike/Buffy please! (Shocking, I know...) Prompt: Sad and beautiful - bonus points if it's somehow smutty while maintaining the emotional tone.

And I'd like to return the offer of Birthday Fic.

June is going to be a busy month!

For you, sad, beautiful, and (if at all possible) smutty Spuffy. This may, in fact, take six months! *g*

Will definitely be making a birthday fic request from you, and you'll have until August 3rd to work on it!

Ooh! Ooh!

I'm November 9th. And I'd like a Spike and Joyce friendship story, please. There isn't enough of that.

So nice, to have a lonnng time to anticipate my birthday. *g*

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