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Drabble Responses, Round 1
Prepare for the onslaught, my friends. ;) I've got something for everyone except the lovely louise39. She got her request in first, but now I'm thinking series for her prompt, which means a which bit of research to make sure I get all of the details just right. I promise, I am hard at work! :)

jamalov29 wanted fluffy S7 or post-Chosen Spuffy bliss. You, my dear, get a two-parter of foolish followed by schmoop.

Title: Class of 1999: Ten-Year Reunion

“Owen Thurman?”


“So you’re one of the wankers who blew it with Buffy during her dewy high school days, eh?”

“Huh? Buffy who?”

“Summers. Tiny? Blond? Magnificent? I reckon you’re a tall, beefy brooder, right? Thankfully she’s over that type.”

“Who is this?”

“Glad you asked. I’m the guy who benefited from your stupidity. I’m Buffy’s life partner. She’s the life part; I’m actually undead.” Spike growled menacingly. “If I see you at this reunion—”

He heard a yelp, then dial tone.

“Honey?” Buffy called. “Still on the phone?”

“Just one more sec, love.”

Spike dialed.

“Scott Hope?”


“After graduation and the whole sinkhole thing, I knew class reunions were going to be sparsely attended, but this is ridiculous.” Buffy leaned into Spike as they swayed together on the dance floor. “Aside from Xander and those guys from Chess Club, there’s, like, no men.”


She pulled back, studied him. “I sense this estrogen party is somehow your doing.” She smiled. “What, I’m not enough woman for you?”

He skimmed his fingertips down her back. “I only have eyes for you.”

“Eyes and everything else, right?”

Saucy minx. “Right. Shall we?”

She grinned. “Race you to the room.”

snickfic requested a Spike and Dawn conversation about one of her pre-S5 monk-formulated memories, so I set this piece in the post-S5 summer of grief. Who knew the monks were so blatantly Team Spuffy?

Title: Something of Hers

Without preamble Dawn handed Spike a folded piece of paper.

He remembered it, of course. He fingered the creamy white sheet, traced the flowers he’d drawn next to the draft text of their wedding invitation.

“The night of the spell, Buffy put this in a book of poetry. I asked her how come, if she was all offended. She laughed and said, ‘Still something to remember my first fiancé by, Dawnie.’” Dawn bit her lip. “This helps, right? Having something of hers to keep, I mean? Something she treasured?”

He closed his fingers on hers for a moment. “It helps.”

readerjane wanted a Spike and Joyce conversation about Dawn, so I put them back in Spike's crypt during their "Checkpoint" watching of Passions.

Title: Promise to a Lady




He glanced away from the television.

“I’m not sure what to make of you, exactly. I know you’re not good, but you have helped Buffy before…”

He waited.

“You know about Dawn. Could you maybe look out for her? It’s a lot for Buffy—” She broke off, reached into her pocket. “Is this enough?”

He looked at the bills in her hand, thought of the blood and fags and whiskey it would buy.

Didn’t really need it, he supposed. He did have the five-fingered discount.

He shrugged. “Keep it. I’ll help.”

Payment was in her smile.

deborahw37 requested some Spike and Giles bonding over British traditions during "Pangs." For you, dear, a little

Title: Gunpowder Treason and Plot

“Oh, dear Lord.” Giles sat down with a sigh and picked up a glass of scotch.

“Knew you were miserable with that lot of pilgrims having descended upon your kitchen,” Spike crowed. “Something faintly galling about the celebration, you ask me.”

“I don’t recall having asked you, actually.”

Spike continued, undeterred. “As if getting to the New World is something to get excited about. Piffle. You know what November’s good for? Effigies and bonfires, mate.”

Giles thought of his youth and smiled. “‘We gather together’ doesn’t quite have the same ring as ‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November,’” he agreed.

And finally cowboyangel pushed me outside my comfort zone with a Supernatural request. For you, a three-part bit of idiocy entitled,

Title: A Very Winchester Thanksgiving

“Son of a bitch!”

“Need some help?” Sam called, putting down his beer.

“No, just a minor setback.” Dean appeared in the doorway, a plate in each hand. “Dinner is served. Happy Thanksgiving, Sammy.”

Sam regarded the brown lump in front of him. “Umm, wow?”

“Dude, how about some enthusiasm? That is my patented turkey panini spectacular.”

“I didn’t know you could even define panini, Dean.”

“What, I don’t watch Food Network?”

Sam stared.

Dean shrugged. “It was late, and I couldn’t get porn. I figured watching that hot Italian chick make a sandwich would be the next best thing.”


“Dig in.” Dean tucked a napkin into his collar and leaned forward expectantly.

How bad could it be? Sam held the dripping sandwich between his hands gingerly.

“It’s no fun unless you get some on ya, right?” Dean smiled. “Go ahead. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Sam bit in, chewed. “I’m not sure ‘pleasantly’ is the right word.” He coughed and took a long drink. “What is that, anchovies?”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, mixed in with the cranberry layer, under the gravy. Giada said to try going for something sweet and savory. Really gives it a little something extra, eh?”


“Where’d you get the panini press?”

“The what?”

“Press? Gives the bread the grill marks?”

“Yeah, I didn’t have one. Bobby had this spare vise he gave me? Just wedged these bad boys in there, fired up the blowtorch, and browned ‘em that way.”


“What? They use ‘em on Food Network. Like on that burnt cream stuff?”

“Not blowtorches.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed. “This is what I get for slaving over a hot…power tool all day?”

“Sorry, Dean.” Sam was contrite. “It’s just…I mean, there is tradition to consider.”

“Fine, Sammy. Next year, TV dinners.” He paused. “Gonna eat yours?”

(Payment was in her smile.)

Aww. *sniffs*

Thanks, sweetie.

My pleasure. I'm glad you liked it! :)

YAY!!! I adore you for writing that, it's brilliant. Dean's culinary skills, lol. The vise and blow torch, the anchovies. I can imagine Dean watching Food Network. Of course he'd be intrigued by the lovely Giada.

I love the "burnt cream stuff" so I like that you referenced it :)

But underneath all of that there was the fact that Dean wanted to make Thanksgiving for his Sammy and even asked Bobby for help. awwww. And it was cute that Sam was questioning and critiquing Dean's meal. It's the thought that counts Sam :)

Thank you for this, I needed it tonight. HUGS!

Well, I am very happy to hear that they fit the bill. :) Sorry to hear that you need hugs tonight, but I'm happy I could provide them with a little Sam and Dean action. Once I came up with the idea of Dean attempting to cook, I knew it was going to have to be a series. LOL There was no way to deal with all of that fun in a mere 100 words.

Mmm, I wish I had some creme brulee right now... ;)

Thank you! Glad you liked them. :)

Oh, I love my drabble! I am such a sucker for the post-S5 summer of grief. *wails* How appropriate the Buffy stuck it in a book of poetry. And how lovely that, however much she wasn't interested in Spike then, she didn't feel the need to throw out the invitation, especially since it means Spike can have it now.

Like the Spike&Joyce one very much, too. :)

Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! :) I knew as soon as you made the request that I simply had to set your drabble in the post-S5 summer. There was all of this *bulk* in the drafts, mostly because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to close it meaningfully, and thus, fretting ensued. But as soon as I realized that Dawn herself was also "something of hers" for Spike to keep, something Buffy treasured, then the whole thing just clicked into place.

Awesome, every one. :D

(OK, fine, I bleeped over the SPN one. BUT THE OTHERS WERE AWESOME!!!)

LOL Such honesty! Glad you enjoyed the BtVS installments. *g*

Super! Silly Spike, he didn't need to rig the reunion. She's so over those boys.

I like the idea of Buffy hanging on to mementos from their engagement. (It was the basis for "With This Ring" after all.) I didn't catch the double meaning either, the first time through, but it's wonderful. *sniff*

I'm just finishing up season 1 of Supernatural, so I'm pretty tickled by the idea of TV dinners being the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

“What, I don’t watch Food Network?”

Sam stared.

Dean shrugged. “It was late, and I couldn’t get porn. I figured watching that hot Italian chick make a sandwich would be the next best thing.”

That sounds about right. And funny.

Thanks for sharing all this bounty! Happy Holiday!

Oh, thank *you*! So much love here. Makes me all warm and happy. :)

I didn't catch the double meaning either

Hmmm, methinks my subtle is so subtle as to be non-existent. LOL My drabbles clearly need backstory to be fully appreciated!

Yes, I thought a tv dinner probably passed for Thanksgiving "tradition" in the Winchester household. And that manages to be both funny and sad, actually. Enjoy your trip through the other seasons of SPN!

The little exchange you quoted was not at all part of my original idea, but once it spilled out, it was just too good to revise. Those lines are why the drabble needed to become a series, actually. *g*

Happy holiday week to you, too!

Mine was perfect ! Thank you! Of course Spike would love Guy Fawkes night!

And the others were great too

Edited at 2009-11-23 07:25 am (UTC)

It was the only November-centric thing I could think of! LOL And it has that exciting historical aspect to it as well. I just couldn't resist. ;)

I really loved the reunion one ... made me chuckle, however the Spike-Dawn made me sniffle.

Lovely way to start a Monday morning.

I'm so pleased to help get your week off to a fun start! :) [And that icon never ceases to crack me up!]

All these are wonderful. :)
You have the characters ' voices so spot on it's a delight.

I loved what you wrote for me ,as you 've seen from my last comment;) and this second part made me grin and sigh in contentment.
I knew class reunions were going to be sparsely attended, but this is ridiculous : hee! It was somehow..predictable. :D

The interaction between Joyce and Spike was utterly lovely as was the sweet and sad conversation between Dawn and Spike.
Enjoyed the Giles/Spike one as well.

Thank you, talented lady!

Edited at 2009-11-23 01:37 pm (UTC)

Well, thank you for providing some much-needed inspiration! :) I'm so glad you liked your installments and the others as well. I had much fun with all of this! *g*

Oh, Dean and Sam. That's...a novel Thanksgiving, and so very Dean.

Loved the others, too, especially the Spike/Dawn.

LOL I don't know that I could ever write *serious* SPN, but tapping into all the boys' ticks (I knew that I had to stick a "son of a bitch!" in there somewhere before I even had a shred of an idea!)? Lots of fun!

Thanks for reading, and hope your day is improving after the car trouble!

Came here because jamalov29 told me so. :-)
These are truly great!

Why, thank you for stopping by! :) Glad you enjoyed!

Lovely drabbles. The reunion one was quietly hilarious. Anytime Spike and Giles get English-y is fun. Joyce's smile is so tender and Spike-Dawn is sad. You covered a lot of emotions here.

Oh, thank you so much. Glad you liked!

And did you see??? I finally finished your request. I hope it meets with your approval: Just for you!

Wonderful ficlets. Jealous!Spike is so cute!

Isn't he, though? Glad you liked them. :)

These are fabulous! J'adore!

Thanks ever so!

And I've been intending to friend you for some time now, so I'm off to do so. :)


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