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Jen's Journal: Bits and Pieces

alternatively titled, Jen's House o' Cheese

The barest smidgen of Spuffy
Rising out of a pile of undergraduate essays on the Reformation, senior essays on the Stuart constitutional crises of the seventeenth century, graduate essays on Elizabeth I, and an M.A. thesis on early modern English county justice to string together some words for my seasonal_spuffy day. Oy. Two weeks, and I'll be, you know, human again, with real live thoughts and feelings, dreams and aspirations, etc. Oh, and there will be sleep - much glorious, blessed sleep!

In the meantime, dear LJ friends, there's my hope that all are well and this:

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Words

hockeytown from hobbit_face
With a prompt like "true patriot love," my mind goes straight to arena-shaped places...

Drop the Puck and Boys' Night Out


open_on_sunday Drabble
BtVS seven seasons
Getting this one in just under the wire!

Brave New World

Give My Regards
Spike: Big Bad/Boy
I'm gonna post like it's 2010 and drabblicious up in here: ;)

Pay to Play

It started out wanting to be all perky and life-affirming (or, since we're talking about Spike, perhaps it's more appropriate to say "unlife-affirming"?), but being as that it is set in the Summer o' Grief and that it's me we're talking about, the drabble, of course, went another way. [Hmmm, why is there no "wistful" on my mood theme? There should so be a wistful...]

News bulletin: My tenure portfolio (countless reams of paper--unfortunately, no, I'm not kidding about that--plus a little piece of my soul) has now been submitted. I await the pleasure of the department, the College, the Provost, the President, and Board of Trustees as to whether I go on. That's not stressful at all.


And what might that be on the horizon? It wouldn't be Real Life beckoning, would it?

So, you know, "Hi," and all that. *waves*

Jen's 2010 Birthday Drabble Project: Happy Birthday to You?!
BtVS friends
Now that my LJ upgrade kindly reminds me of friends' approaching birthday with all manner of helpful messages, I make the following offer: comment in response to this message with a drabble prompt/pairing or character request/style preference (friendship, fluff, angst, romance, etc.), and you-yes, YOU!-will get a birthday drabble from me this year (put your birthdate in there as well, so I can start planning!). I managed something for jamalov29's birthday but missed ladyofthelog's big day while shamelessly gadding about St. Louis last weekend, so if you want to make a request, lady, please do so! :) I may not be able to limit myself to a single 100-word installment (I point as evidence to my Wordy McWord Thanksgiving drabble-thon!) - the more detailed the prompt, the more I tend to wax drabble-y...

Sandboxes in which I can play: if you're reading this, you know I'll write BtVS and AtS. I can also try my hand at Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, and GH, if anyone so desires. I'm afraid musicdom is out, kellicb and babygotbass - there will be no boy!poppy JuC goodness for you! My humblest apologies. ;)

I'm still working on the long-delayed fic recs post (I was derailed last night by reading girlpire's "Friday" at long last, which took, like, the whole night!), but I thought this drabble project would allow me give a little something back to my lovely f-list and readers, since you all have been pretty endlessly supportive of me and my wee scribblings.

*hugs f-list and readers*

FYI:I'll leave this post in my regular rotation for several days, and then I'll forward date it to put it at the top of my LJ if you can't think of anything now but come up with a request in the future. :)

Huh. I didn't know they used that word in 1616!
Eliz: TGA
Cut for R-rated early modern-speakCollapse )

And yet for all of that awesomeness? Still really, really want to be reading rahirah's seasonal_spuffy offering from yesterday and angearia's piece posted bright and early this morning. Go, now, friends! It's back to the film for me, so I have to put off fic reading for a bit, but at least I have something to look forward to when I'm done reading about early moderns who ought to have their mouths washed out with soap! ;)

You know me. I'm a follower. ;)
BtVS - Xander: work brain
Yes, yes, I've caved and requested my schmoop_bingo card:

A prompt, a prompt, my kingdom for a prompt! Oh, wait - here they are.Collapse )

I was just pondering the other day that I have had a much easier time of late writing Buffyless Spuffy (witness my latest two seasonal_spuffy offerings and numerous drabbles), which doubtless gives some insight into my current thoughts about the pairing (read: despair, wistfulness, grief, unrequited...ness). Anyone else out there in the same boat?

Still, this is where schmoop shall come to the rescue. Presumably, I will need a very present Buffy to deal with "making out." Or do I? Have I just managed to throw down the gauntlet of challenge for myself?

Nah. ;)

If any of these prompts prompt you to make a suggestion/request for a fic (and what the heck is a "butterfly kiss" when it's at home?!), please feel free to do so. I have the feeling I'm going to need some help from my friends.

Which brings me to one related P.S. - BtVS people out there: how awesome is our fandom? After being AWOL and not stringing together two words of the fic variety for months and months, I posted my seasonal_spuffy offering last week with a bit of trepidation, only to have it received with great kindness and missives of the "welcome back" sort. I really like you guys, you know?

Fic: All the Difference
BtVS 147 days
My muse is seriously twisted and in need of therapy - she only gives forth when deadlines are afoot. :P Useful, though, since my seasonal_spuffy posting day is here.

Take a read, eh?

All the Difference

Reports of my demise...
Buffy: bad day
are (partially) exaggerated. ;) Sorry to blank out on everyone, but this semester has been kicking my arse thus far, and it seems that once I get out of the habit of posting, I end up with stagefright, musing that anything I post will be of no interest to anyone whatsoever. Don't you hate that? Or, wait, is that just a me thing?

I've been trying to keep up with LJ reading, though; even if I'm not commenting (and I'm doing my best!), I am checking in on you. You know, in a decidedly non-creepy way. ;) Oh, and I have been sort of active in one of my fandoms here on LJ, since this is apparently the winter in which TPTB have decided to detonate my beloved OTP. Thanks, Bob Guza - I so appreciate the daily tears and pain in the heart. Good times.

Among other things, the busyness seems to have sapped even drabbling energy, which is just all kinds of sad. I'm currently enjoying a Uni holiday, courtesy of Honest Abe (it is the the Land of Lincoln, after all!), so maybe my brain will unclench enough this weekend to do something creative (including your belated birthday drabble, alwaysjbj - I hope you had a wonderful day!)

Oh, I've just had two thoughts that make this post legitimately fangirly! :)

1) Why is it that I find the BtVS reruns on MTV so compelling? I can pull out a disc and watch any episode I want, commercial-free, and yet last week I found myself mesmerized by "The Zeppo" to the point of interrupting my morning routine and sitting on the bed to watch Xander talk about how he likes the quiet. :)

2) It's taken me so lost to post this that I've just knocked out two "rock" drabbles, too late for open_on_sunday, but given the circumstances, better late than never for me!

Helpful Much? and Geology LabCollapse )

Drabble: Losing Control
BtVS seven seasons
Another "signature" response, for tomorrow opens Week 2, and soon I will be lost to the mysteries of the past. I'm in "gather ye drabbles while ye may" mode. ;)

Losing Control