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Drabbles: Being the Queen and I Don't Want to Wait
BtVS class action
Crammed into class preps for the coming week, I managed a couple of responses to this week's open_on_sunday "signature" prompt:

Being the Queen and I Don't Want to Wait

Belated birthday drabble for ladyofthelog
Spike: srsly?
Okay, so you know how you asked for Spuffy or Andrew with humor? Yup, I went with the latter. ;)

Title: That Something Special
Setting: late BtVS S7; Andrew provides a little of his vampyre "wisdom" to the SiTs

“Oh, you foolish, confused children.” Andrew’s smile was condescending.

“What?” Rona demanded. “The answer is obviously heart.”

Kennedy shook her head. “Nuh-uh. It’s courage.”

Vi pushed out her bottom lip in deep thought. “I want to change my answer. Is it zippy punning? Is that right?”

Andrew shook his head. “Of course it’s not.” He glanced through the viewfinder of his videocamera until he found the footage he was looking for and pressed pause. He turned it to the Potentials and gestured at Spike’s image. “The answer is that you can always identify a champion by his shiny, shiny hair.”

Drabbles: The Mentor and Service Calls
Just when I thought I'd forgotten how to respond to an open_on_sunday prompt, two drabbles were born in response to this week's "service" prompt. It's been ages! The "productivity" must be because today was the first day of school; my brain apparently only gets remotely creative when I'm buried in work. :P

The Mentor and Service Calls

Join me in Squee-ville
Buffy: squee!
Okay, yes, it took three months, but I finally got myself a shiny, new, non-Uni laptop to go with my non-Uni internet connection. w00t! I am FREE. Free, I tell you! No more Big Brother to worry about in my personal space. I can read NC-17 fic, if I so desire, without feeling as though TPTB are looking over my shoulder. This is epic, people. Hell, I feel like writing some porn without plot just. because. I. can.

Mmm, nothing is coming to mind just this second, but I'll keep you posted. LOL

I also picked up an iPod, thereby joining all of the rest of you in the 21st century. Slowly, but surely, I become a modern. I blame kellicb and babygotbass - bad influences, the both of them! ;)

In fandom news, I missed the end of buffyversetop5  due to my long weekend getaway, and so I didn't get a post up, as I had intended. Grrr argh. I had some recs from several generous folks (most of whom are on my f-list), and so I want to express my thanks to you. I now have a wonderful, healthy new reading list as well. Maybe I'll have to cobble together my own rec list this week, although there's also that pesky matter of the start of the semester. Drat.

Well, much as I desire to stay up even later and play with my new baby, I fear a collapse is coming. It was the Skip=180 upon my return that did it. ;)

Birthday Drabble for jamalov29 - This Is a Love Story
Spuffy True Love Chosen hands
jamalov29 has been musing about the "Spuffy Love Bubble" of late, and as I'm actually a resident of said Bubble, I feel moved to contribute to the discussion in my own (shamelessly fluffy, schmoopy) way. *g* In honor of her birthday, let us envision a happy ending...

Title: This Is a Love Story
Summary: It’s a classic tale. Slayer meets vampire. She dies to save the world. He dies to save the world. Then there’s a reunion. With demon goo. See, it’s a love story.
A/N: Happy birthday to the lovely jamalov29.

December 2012

He shouldn’t have been surprised to see her, impending apocalypse and all. Her astonishment was more predictable.

The fight pulled her in one direction, him, another, then brought them face to face in the end.

“I’m—” She lifted a hand, pushed hair slick with demon viscera off her forehead.

“A vision.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Kinda pissed.” Ah, the shock had worn off, then. “‘No, you don’t’? The no contacting?” She touched his hand, eyes shining. “This? Us? It’s a love story, see? Just…with demon goo.”

He smiled, threaded his fingers around hers. “Sounds about right. Sounds like us.”

Fanfic Meme
Buffy: writing Spike porn
I succumb, friends, I succumb...

Come, let us talk about fic!Collapse )

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?
Coming out of the LJ-cut so that these are in public. That way I can't back out of working on them! How's that for strategy?

*Finish "When You Wish." *points to resolve face* readerjane has provided so much incentive in our email discussions of that story that I'll do it just for her if it kills me!

*"The Apocalypse between Day 19 and Day 37" in my soon-to-be "In the Living Season"verse- Yes, dammit, I'm going to create my own 'verse! I live in that post-S5 summer anyway, so I figure I might as well put that to good use. I'm dying to tell the story of how Spike and the Scoobies deal with that first post-Buffy apocalypse, as referenced in ItLS, but it is not going to be lighthearted, so I've got to gear up for the angst.

*An untitled ficlet about Spike in 1916, which I really want to have done for the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme on July 1. I have been playing with this idea for YEARS, and I've got to get around to getting it out!

*More "Blood and Biscuits," of course. :)

*"my so-called calling," an mscl/BtVS mash-up in which Angela Chase is the Chosen One. This is inspired by crackers4jenn's recent piece on characters from other fandoms being The Slayer. I might need a little prompting on this one from any of you out there who are Lifeheads (1995-speak for mscl fans!), though, or I'll probably end up keeping this one to myself. But here's some potential dialog just to push you to cheer me on:

"You want to smooch him."
"Who?" Willow looks at me coyly. "Angel? Come on, admit it! I'm not gonna tell anyone."
"I love the way he broods," I confess. "About stuff. He broods great. Well, either smoochies or a conversation. Ideally both."

Come on, now. Shouldn't Angela totally be in Sunnydale? ;)

Fic: more btvs_santa bits
You know my propensity for writing tiny, bite-sized fics? Yeah, I did some of that for ladyofthelog as well. ;) To fill some of her other requests, I wrote a little S2 Whistler POV piece, a Fuffy drabble, and a linked pair Spuffy holiday drabbles. That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 7300 words for this project, which means I basically doubled my yearly output in the space of about a week and a half. That's either kinda nifty or pretty pathetic!

Title: Here’s the Thing
Rating: G
Word Count: 603
Thanks: readerjane did some beta-action on the DL to help me keep my secret. Gracias, lady!
Setting/Author’s Note: We hear Whistler talk in voice-overs about Buffy in “Becoming, Part I”; this piece is an imagining of what he might have to say about Xander, Giles, Spike, and Willow’s present and future in the closing scenes of “Becoming, Part II,” presented as a series of brief character studies. They are arranged chronologically, with Xander’s piece set after he’s lied to Buffy about Willow’s message, Spike’s as he reveals his alliance with Buffy, Giles’s as he’s led out of the mansion by Xander, and Willow’s as she finishes the re-ensoulment spell.

Here's the thingCollapse )

Title: Want. Take. Have.
Rating: R
Word Count: 100
Pairing request: Fuffy
Setting: Memories of “Bad Girls”

Read more...Collapse )

Title: Tinsel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 200
Pairing request: Spuffy

Read more...Collapse )

Fic: The First Dance
Spuffy allies from "Becoming"
I've finally finished the much-referenced btvs_santa submission. (See, I was hard at work all this time I've been MIA on the fic front! Well, hard at work and sniffly and miserable. Ugh.) I was assigned ladyofthelog, and although I've seen her around my flist, I don't actually know her at all. Smell a challenge? ;) Among her requests was fic involving S2, which is sort of wildly outside my comfort zone (S5 and beyond, anyone? Oh, and S4 Spike and Giles, of course!), but I plunged ahead, and this short story was born.

Title: The First Dance
Rating: R
Word Count: 6418
Pairing: None (but with perhaps the most embryonic seeds of Spuffy)
Summary: A “Becoming, Part II” episode re-write in which Spike gets a little taste of Buffy’s life and, in the process, a little taste of the girl herself. Spike’s POV.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no profits from these scribblings. This sandbox belongs to Joss, Fox, and a bunch of other entities who are not me; I merely play here.
Thanks: rahirah, readerjane, and rynogeny were gracious enough to give this an advance read and came up with all manner of useful insights. All remaining wonkiness is mine alone.
A/N: The premise here is that the Dawn retcon resulted in a rather different set of interactions between Spike and Buffy in “Becoming, Part II.” Some situations and bits of dialog borrowed from the episode; the rest is the product of my fevered brain. The asterisks represent scene breaks/dramatic pauses/commercial breaks. ;)

He wasn’t done dancing with this slayer just yet.Collapse )

Can I get a ruling on this?
Spuffy helping hand
What is the official ruling on when "slayer" is capitalized and when it is not? I see it rendered both ways, but I can't discern any real hard and fast rules about the circumstances that require one version instead of the other.

My own practice is to leave it uncapitalized except when the term is used as an address. I think I'm imagining it like the term "mom." "Your mom" gets no cap. "Mom, we need more turkey" gets the cap. By extension, "an alliance with the slayer was a bad idea" gets no cap, while "What's the matter, Slayer?" would get it. Then again, I know I've waffled on this in the past, so I need some feedback to get it sorted once and for all.

How do you writers and readers deal with the slayer/Slayer conundrum (okay, yes, a relatively wee conundrum as conundrums go, but still!)?

Or, wait, perhaps a poll can clear things up!

Poll #1503869 Slayer/slayer/slay what?

Should the term "slayer" always be capitalized?

Of course. Capital letters equal respect! Plus, it's, like, a job title and thus cap-worthy.
No. "Slayer" was the name of a not-so-great band, and Buffy is not a member. Lower-case all the way!
Depends. (see comments for brilliant explanation of the proper rules)
What's a slayer?

[Can you tell someone is hard at work on her btvs_santa submissions and that said person is also having way too much fun with her paid account? ;) ]

[Edit: Can you also tell that my brain is so focused on puzzling this out that I can't write a serviceable poll to save my life? *snort* Pretend that the poll question reads "Should the term "Slayer" be capitalized?" and vote on, eh? I'm clearly still working out the kinks with my new LJ powers, where one of the kinks is my inability to edit a poll!.

Ficlet: More Blood and Biscuits: The Spike and Giles Chronicles
Blood and Biscuits
Title: Blood and Biscuits: The Spike and Giles Chronicles
Setting: BtVS S4. In which the fellas celebrate Christmas Eve. *g*
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 500
A/N: Holiday foolishness abounds. :) These bits are for the wonderful, anonymous person who gifted me with a year of paid LJ (all I could think of were the icons, right up until the ads disappeared. Extra yay-action!) *and* for the other (same?) wonderful, anonymous person who gifted me with more icons, bringing the total up to 105! Joy! Go ahead, say something to this entry just to see which exciting new icon I'll use to respond. ;)

“You’re to be a Christmas elf.”Collapse )


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