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You know me. I'm a follower. ;)
BtVS - Xander: work brain
Yes, yes, I've caved and requested my schmoop_bingo card:

baking cookies
massage – foot rub
cuddling during power outage
long-lost love
birthday – celebrant is sick
greeting card
butterfly kisses
family celebration
birthday – surprise party
looking at the stars
first holiday together
day at the beach
making out
watching the game
coming home from long trip
secret admirer

I was just pondering the other day that I have had a much easier time of late writing Buffyless Spuffy (witness my latest two seasonal_spuffy offerings and numerous drabbles), which doubtless gives some insight into my current thoughts about the pairing (read: despair, wistfulness, grief, unrequited...ness). Anyone else out there in the same boat?

Still, this is where schmoop shall come to the rescue. Presumably, I will need a very present Buffy to deal with "making out." Or do I? Have I just managed to throw down the gauntlet of challenge for myself?

Nah. ;)

If any of these prompts prompt you to make a suggestion/request for a fic (and what the heck is a "butterfly kiss" when it's at home?!), please feel free to do so. I have the feeling I'm going to need some help from my friends.

Which brings me to one related P.S. - BtVS people out there: how awesome is our fandom? After being AWOL and not stringing together two words of the fic variety for months and months, I posted my seasonal_spuffy offering last week with a bit of trepidation, only to have it received with great kindness and missives of the "welcome back" sort. I really like you guys, you know?

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Butterfly kisses: brushing your eyelashes against another person's face. I used to love butterfly kisses when I was about four. :P

Right there with you on the Spuffy. For all the fandoms that I'm currently writing for, the Jossverse isn't one of them. It's really too bad.

Oh, boy. Never would have come up with that for butterfly kisses. Will have to work very hard to make *that* respectable schmoop! ;)

For all the fandoms that I'm currently writing for, the Jossverse isn't one of them. It's really too bad.

I concur! It is too bad. But more time for Bones-iness? LOL (I'm relentless, eh?) I'm not sure I watch any of the other shows you're writing for...which probably means I need to adjust my viewing habits, eh? :)

LOL! It helps if you've got a little kid to work with. When my mom tucked me in at night, we would always do butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses.

Well, Eureka and Leverage are well worth watching, and I'm digging Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis pretty hard, too. And then, of course, there's Bones and Supernatural. Good stuff.


Right, there's Supernatural. I'd completely spaced that. I really do not spend nearly as much time as I'd like to reading good SPN fic!

My reading list grows! :)

YAY! I've seen friends all over the Supernatural fandom post these and it looks like a lot of fun. Sometimes you have to kickstart your schmoop muse. I hope you have fun writing your Spuffy schmoop.

Well, I have to confess - when I saw "looking at the stars," I went straight in my mind to ILYM for L&L. Wonder if I can give it an "update" for the two of them, on their road back to togetherness (my L&L well of optimism has not run out, as you can see! LOL).

I thought of them while reading your card too. Baking cookies made me think of brownies and there were so many beautiful dancing moments. If you do write some L&L it will be lovely.

Edited at 2010-06-29 05:56 pm (UTC)

Oh, you're right. When you add in the kids, the possibilities for L&L on this card are pretty endless. ;)

Did I mention that I haven't been able to watch GH since my trip started, as I've been staying in places without cable and/or limited internet (good for email, lousy for video). I know I'm missing the horrible Patrick and Lisa story. Anything important for Lucky these days?

Oh, and I could have sworn I saw on the cover of a soap mag that Johnny is going to die - is that the word? Is Brandon leaving the show? [I should know better than to believe the soap rags, but now I'm curious!).

Bloody hell - I just wrote a long reply that's floating in the LJ ether. Grr. I was saying that, yes, the possibilities for L&L here, especially when you throw in the kids, seem rather endless.

I haven't watched the show in weeks due to cable-less living arrangements. Besides the horrible Patrick and Lisa story (yeeuch!), am I missing anything? What's Lucky up to these days?

And is Brandon leaving the show? I could have sworn I saw a soap mag headline about him being killed. Is that just publicity, or is Johnny really going out?

I saw both comments inspite of LJ's moodiness. As for what our dear Lucky has been up to.... He's been in son mode because of things going on with Luke. And you know how lovely scenes between Luke and Lucky are. He's had some more scenes with Maxie as well with this lead up to Franco's return.

And I haven't heard anything about BB leaving the show and I follow him (and JJ) on twitter. Sonny has a plan to take Johnny out which is what the mags are probably blowing out of proportion.

Re: BB - yes, I'm sure you're right. *fingers crossed* Those tricksy (annoying!) soap mags.

Thanks for the Lucky update. I'll definitely have to dig up those Luke and Lucky scenes when I get home. Those two are magical together. :)

And I see JJ in - holy crap - less than a month! Woo hoo!

Butterfly kisses are very light kisses where the lips just brush the skin.

I've had similar feelings about canon Spuffy for ages. Which is why I write an AU. *g*

Which is why I write an AU.

And thus you demonstrate great wisdom and a strong survivalist instinct. ;)

I feel like your seasonal_spuffy day is shortly to be upon us (tomorrow?!) - count me among your devoted minions, salivating over the prospect of lovely new AU-goodness.


What Jen said!

Looking forward to your seasonal_spuffy day with great eagerness.

(how awesome is our fandom?)

Awesome, very awesome!

I just find it amazing that so many years after the fact, a drabble community is still going strong... and with members who get fondly nostalgic over Jesse, a character who was killed in the very first episode.

Bingo? Schmoop? *want*want*want*

No, Jane! Must finish ejcaldera's Who fic first!

Butbutbut... it's schmoop! And bingo! And spuffy and...

Oh dear.

You know you wanna dance! [I haven't checked the flist yet - am I going to discover you've already caved?! Because you sooooo should!]

I've got to get back to open_on_sunday to kick (start) the muse for regular production. I'm not quite sure what to do with this week's prompt, though, as my head is full of sixteenth-century litigation. Hmmmm.

What is it with you people and your schmoop? I feel an admonitory post coming on about it. Srsly.

I, on the other hand, am entirely schmoop-free.


You're a rock, you are.

[Love the icon!]

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