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Reports of my demise...
Buffy: bad day
are (partially) exaggerated. ;) Sorry to blank out on everyone, but this semester has been kicking my arse thus far, and it seems that once I get out of the habit of posting, I end up with stagefright, musing that anything I post will be of no interest to anyone whatsoever. Don't you hate that? Or, wait, is that just a me thing?

I've been trying to keep up with LJ reading, though; even if I'm not commenting (and I'm doing my best!), I am checking in on you. You know, in a decidedly non-creepy way. ;) Oh, and I have been sort of active in one of my fandoms here on LJ, since this is apparently the winter in which TPTB have decided to detonate my beloved OTP. Thanks, Bob Guza - I so appreciate the daily tears and pain in the heart. Good times.

Among other things, the busyness seems to have sapped even drabbling energy, which is just all kinds of sad. I'm currently enjoying a Uni holiday, courtesy of Honest Abe (it is the the Land of Lincoln, after all!), so maybe my brain will unclench enough this weekend to do something creative (including your belated birthday drabble, alwaysjbj - I hope you had a wonderful day!)

Oh, I've just had two thoughts that make this post legitimately fangirly! :)

1) Why is it that I find the BtVS reruns on MTV so compelling? I can pull out a disc and watch any episode I want, commercial-free, and yet last week I found myself mesmerized by "The Zeppo" to the point of interrupting my morning routine and sitting on the bed to watch Xander talk about how he likes the quiet. :)

2) It's taken me so lost to post this that I've just knocked out two "rock" drabbles, too late for open_on_sunday, but given the circumstances, better late than never for me!

Title: Helpful Much?
Setting: S4; let's say Spike and Buffy are checking out the Initiative caves together for some reason or another during the days of their fragile S4 alliance.

Buffy’s breath gusted out in a loud “oomph” as she made contact with the earth. She gingerly checked to see that her limbs were still in working order, grimaced when she realized she’d torn her pants. Dammit, she loved these jeans.

Spike’s teeth gleamed in the dark as he smirked at her.

“Watch out for that rock, Slayer.”

“Funny how that would have been a helpful observation before I tripped over it.”

“Was funny, now you mention it.” He extended his hand, helped her up.

“You’re the worst ally ever, you know?”

“Nicest thing you’ve ever said to me, Slayer.”

Title: Geology Lab
Setting: S3; infatuation blossoms among the samples

Willow lifted the silver cube from its box and weighed it in her hand. “Here, feel this one.”

Xander palmed the object. “Oo, unexpectedly heavy. Which rock is this?”

“It’s a mineral, silly.” Willow reclaimed the sample, her fingers brushing against Xander’s hand a trifle longer than necessary. “Galena. It’s my favorite.”

“Looking at it, you imagine you know exactly what it’ll feel like, and then when you touch it, it’s totally different than what you expected.”

Willow felt the toe of Xander’s shoe caress her ankle under the table.

“It’s pretty neat, huh?”

He grinned at her. “Very neat.”

Note: I'm a former Science Olympian (really, this comes as no surprise, right? I am nerd, heare me roar!), and my two specializations were Periodic Table and-you guessed it-Rocks and Fossils. Like Willow, I really, really love Galena. Get your hands on some, and you will, too!

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Good to "see" you again!

I really liked both drabbles.

Good to be "seen" and glad you liked! :)

I was wondering if work kept you busy. It's nice to "see" you .
once I get out of the habit of posting, I end up with stagefright, musing that anything I post will be of no interest to anyone whatsoever. Don't you hate that? Or, wait, is that just a me thing? You're not alone. I think the less we post according to the circumstances , the less we feel like it. I've experienced it too and maybe it's one of the reasons that explain why some people disappear.. they're worried that after a long time they don't know how to deal with their absence.

Enjoyed both drabbles!Especially this bit :
“You’re the worst ally ever, you know?”
“Nicest thing you’ve ever said to me, Slayer.”

How long is the Uni holiday? Here Winter breaks starts tomorrow for two weeks.

I'm glad it's not just me, then! I think it's a product of my general uncertainty about the "purpose" of my journal. It used to be pretty personal, then became pretty dominated by fandom issues and friended by people after fic community submissions, so I'm always worried that my real life isn't nearly entertaining enough to post!

Glad you liked the drabbles. It was a bit of a relief to have them pop up! :)

We just get today (for Lincoln) but since I don't teach on Thursdays, I actually get a four-day weekend. Yay! In about a month, we've got Spring Break coming up (10 days of break). I need to start counting down the days to the next vacation!

Yay for four day weekends! Yay for surfacing and gifting us with drabbles!

LOL on the Buffy reruns on MTV. When we see them on the cable-guide thingy, I always make my nephew go there so I can see what ep it is. *g*

Big yay to four-day weekends. They should be weekly events. LOL I think I'm getting out of town tomorrow (although it feels a little sad to be running away from home every time I can). None of my size 6 pants fit anymore, so I've gotta find some size 4s.

MTV is still in S3 right now; once S5 comes, I'll *really* have trouble dragging myself away! :)

So good to see you online!

((hugs)) Sorry RL has you down. Do you wanna do a watch&chat this weekend? Doesn't need to be WYW-related: we could pick a favorite episode and just enjoy...

Loved the Xander drabble. Poor, doomed Xander/Willow. It was never to be.

Wow, so you're a geology geek and a history geek as well? Now that's what I call well-rounded (from my geekly perspective, anyway. *G*)

Oh, thanks, dear. It feels good to be back online. Now that I've broken through the fear barrier of posting again, hopefully I can be a bit more regular about it! ;)

I would love a watch&chat, but I think the only night I'll be in front of the tv is Sunday, and I am cognizant of the fact that some people have Valentine's Day plans. I am not *one* of them, mind you, but I am aware of the general phenomenon. LOL

Yeah, I am a card-carrying member of multi-geekdom. ;) And I didn't even mention my real Science Olympiad claim to fame: Science Bowl. I was a terror at regional meeting. I was simply "that red-headed girl from Kearsley," inspiring terror in all who had to face my speedy trigger finger and scary memory.

Glad you made it to the keyboard - I'm now officially rock-intrigued. I wonder if the Science Museum has rock samples we can stroke?

Oh, you should definitely cop a samples feel. ;)

Is it all kinds of wacky to admit publicly that I actually have my own personal Galena sample? I won it in a Science contest. LOL I also have a chunk of copper and a piece of Ulexite, procured by the same means.

Yeah, that is pretty wacky...

I end up with stagefright, musing that anything I post will be of no interest to anyone whatsoever.

Definitely not just you. I've got the same problem over on my non-fannish LJ, although I think I've broken the ice again, now.

But: be ye not afraid, for we are interested, however long it takes you to post. :)

Yay drabbles. Yay minerals! I start teaching my 6th graders rocks and minerals starting sometime next week. I don't remember much of anything I learned from my last grade-school study of the subject, so I'll be studying up this weekend.

Oh, how fun! Enjoy your weekend study session.

And thanks for the support. It just got strangely harder and harder, and then I just didn't know how to get started. Yay for breaking the seal! :)

Glad to see a post from you. I can understand work keeping you busy. Hope you get to enjoy the long weekend.

And the pain of our beloved OTP. *sniff* My heart breaks with each episode.

And I wish I had been a Buffy fan so I could better appreicate your writing. Those two drabbles were really cute though.

Oh, gosh. I really should proselytize to you about the wonder that is Buffy. Knowing your tastes as I do, I think you would love it! :)

Today's GH is just brutalizing me. All of the flashbacks! For this storyline to be happening here, in the winter season, this slice of the year that is most precious to L&L (although each season had its own piece of heaven, of course) is just absolutely brutal. *sigh*


You return with cool and amusing drabbles

This pleases me!

Ah, then my work here is done.


Good to be seen and to amuse again.

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